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Current class schedule is ready 2018/2019 classes

Classes schedule and fees 2018/2019

Registration form and Waiver 2018/2019

Session and Billing calendar 2018/2019

Everybody needs a waiver


Waiver for Adult

You can sign our waiver digitally on you PC or smart phone

  • Click black tab "Sign our waiver"
  • Fill and sign the waiver digitally
  • Click the link in confirmation email you’ll receive

Sign Our Waiver Digitally       Sign Our Waiver Digitally

Current class schedule is ready 2017/2018 classes

Schedule and fees 2017/2018

Registration form and Waiver 2017/2018

Session and Billing calendar 2017/2018

Winter camp 2018 Sunrise Gymnastics Berlin Vermont Winter camp 2018

Information about Winter camp

Enrollment form


First in Fitness Waiver for Full Day Campers

Spring Camp 2016 April 18-22 Sunrise Gymnastics Berlin, VT Spring Camp 2018 Apr 16 - 20

Information Spring camp

Enrollment form


Birthday Party

Waiver - Birthday Parties

Flyer - Birthday Parties

Open Gym

Waiver - Open gym

Field Trip to Sunrise Gymnastics Berlin Field Trip to Sunrise Gymnastics

Informations Field Trip

Waiver - Field Trip